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The Most Common English Phrases

Phrase Translate
Do you smoke Fumas
Do you speak English Hablas ingles
Do you study English Estudias ingles
Do you take credit cards Tomas cartas de credito
Do you think it'll rain today Piensas que va a llover hoy
Do you think it's going to rain tomorrow Piensas que va a llover manana
Do you think it's possible Crees que es posible
Do you think you'll be back by 11:30 Crees que volveras a las once y media
Do you understand Entiendes
Do you want me to come and pick you up Quieres que venga a recogerte
Do you want to come with me Quieres venir conmigo
Do you want to go to the movies Quieres ir al cine
Do you want to go with me Quieres ir conimigo
Does anyone here speak English Hay alguien aqui que hable ingles
Does he like the school Le gusta la escuela
Does it often snow in the winter in Massachusetts Nieva mucho en el invierno en Massachusetts
Does this road go to New York Esta carretara va a New York
Don't do that No hagas eso
Don't worry No te preocupes
Every week Cada semana

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