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The Most Common English Phrases

Phrase Translate
Can you hold this for me Puedes sujetar esto para mi
Can you please say that again Puedes decir eso otra vez por favor
Can you recommend a good restaurant Puedes recomendar un buen restaurante
Can you repeat that please Puedes repetir eso por favor
Can you show me Puedes mostrarme
Can you speak louder please Puedes hablar mas alto por favor
Can you swim Puedes nadar
Can you throw that away for me Puedes tirar eso para mi
Can you translate this for me Puedes traducir esto para mi
Certainly Claro
Cheers Saulud
Chicago is very different from Boston Chicago es muy diferente de Boston
Come here Ven aqui
Did it snow yesterday Nevo' ayer
Did you come with your family Viniste con tu familia
Did you get my email Recibiste mi email
Did you send me flowers Me mandaste flores
Did you take your medicine Tomaste tu medicina
Did your wife like California A tu mujer le gusto California
Do you accept U.S. Dollars Acceptas dolares americanos

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