They arrived yesterday

Han llegado ayer

What's your address

Cual es tu direccion

When are you going to pick up your friend

Cuando vas a recoger a tu amigo

I'd like to send a fax

Quieria enviar un fax

Would you like to watch TV

Querrias ver la television

I don't like him

No me cae bien

Sorry, we only accept Cash

Lo siento, solo acceptamos dinero

Try to say it

Intenta decirlo

I'm going to leave

Voy a irme

Behind the bank

Detras del banco



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Ejercicios de inglés con las canciones de "Guano apes"

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Guano apes Open your eyes Guano apes Open your eyes Pop Hard Play
Guano Apes Big In Japan Guano Apes Big In Japan Rock Easy Play