Do you have a problem

Tienes un problema

It will arrive shortly

Llegare' dentro de poco

I'd like to go to the store

Queria ir a la tienda

I'm from America

Soy de America

He thinks we don't want to go

Piensa que no queremos ir

Will you remind me

Me puedes recordar

Who's that man over there

Quien es ese hombre de alli

On the right

A la derecha

Try to say it

Intenta decirlo

We're from California

Somos de California



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Ejercicios de inglés con las canciones de "Alanis Morisette"

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Alanis Morisette That I Would Be Good Alanis Morisette That I Would Be Good Rock Easy Play
Alanis Morisette Guardian Alanis Morisette Guardian Other Medium Play