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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Comparative And Superlative Adverbs

Fill in the blank with the either the comparative form or superlative form of each adverb, as required: Example: Michael sang more loudly (more loudly/the most loudly) than the other kids.

1. He lives ___________________ (farther/the farthest) than Peter.
2. He lives ___________________ (farther/the farthest) out of all of us.
3. He lives ___________________ (farther/the farthest) than the rest of us.
4. John drives ___________________ (faster/the fastest) than most people that I know.
5. John drives ___________________ (faster/the fastest) of all my friends.
6. Jim welcomed us ___________________ (more warmly/the most warmly) than his
7. Jim's wife cooks ___________________ (better/the best) out of anyone I know.
8. Jim's wife cooks ___________________ (better/the best) than anyone I know.
9. Which of these three girls dances ___________________? (better/the best)
10. Which of these two girls dances ___________________? (better/the best)

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