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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

The Passive Voice: Passive Voice Sentences In The Simple Past

Fill in the blanks to change each active voice sentence into a passive voice sentence:

1. The president gave John an award. --> John ___________________ an award by the
2. Everyone saw them. --> They ___________________ by everyone.
3. The police brought him here. --> He ___________________ here by the police.
4. The firefighters saved the women. --> The women ___________________ by the
5. All the students understood the explanation. --> The explanation ___________________
6. Mrs. Richardson filed two complaints. --> Two complaints ___________________ by
7. That man stole my wallet. --> My wallet ___________________ by that man.
8. Everyone knew them. --> They ___________________ by everyone.
9. A snake bit him. --> He ___________________ by a snake.
10. Thomas and his brother built that house. --> That house ___________________ by

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