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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Contractions Nº2

Rewrite each of the following sentences, substituting the bolded phrase with its contraction: Example: I am from London. = I'm from London

1) You have not spoken to her. = You __________________ spoken to her.
2) The neighbors did not speak English. = The neighbors __________________ speak English.
3) Those children were not from Brazil. = Those children __________________ from Brazil.
4) He has not finished working. = He __________________ finished working.
5) It will be alright. = __________________ be alright.
6) We will call you tomorrow. = __________________ call you tomorrow.
7) I would tell you if I knew. = I __________________ understand her.
8) They do not like me. = They __________________ like me.
9) How is your mother? = __________________ your mother?
10) That will be fine. = __________________ be fine.

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