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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Adjectives: Relative Adjectives (who, That)

Complete each relative clause with who or that. If both who or that can be used, write "who or that"

1. That's the man __________________ stole my purse!
2. That's the jacket __________________ I want to buy.
3. That's the girl __________________ won the race.
4. The students __________________ do well on the exam will be allowed to leave early.
5. We saw the cat __________________ lives in the house next door.
6. The airport__________________ is being built will be the largest in the country.
7. The woman __________________sang that song is very beautiful.
8. People __________________use this site will learn English very quickly.
9. The computer __________________ I want to buy costs $1,000.
10. The dinner __________________ your mother prepared was delicious.

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