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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa


For each sentence, change the adjective in parentheses into an adverb.

1. The ballerina moved around very _________ (graceful).
2. Michael _________ (easy) won the first race.
3. I don't know _________ (exact) how much money he makes.
4. I _________ (honest) don't know what John told his sister.
5. The singer of the band sang very _________ (bad) during the concert.
6. My friend Tom always speaks very _________ (loud).
7. You speak English very _________ (good).
8. These days I am so busy at work that I _________ (rare) have time to go
9. Sometimes I like to spend the day just lying in bed _________ (lazy).
10. The police officer made sure that she got home _________ (safe).

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