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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Prepositions Nº1

For each sentence, fill in the blank with either on, at or in.

1. Michael was late again. He never comes _____ time.
2. I have a lot of things to do _____ work today.
3. We bought these clothes _____ sale.
4. What did you learn _____ class today?
5. Hey didn't I see you _____ the Killers concert?
6. Children! Don't play _____ the street! It's dangerous!
7. The most expensive stores are located _____ Fifth Avenue.
8. If someone is always busily moving around, you can say they're
9. I didn't like her _____ first, but we ended up becoming friends.
10. I hate standing _____ line. I'm very impatient.

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