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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Participles Used As Adjectives Nº2

Choose the correct word:

1. This treatment is really great. It makes me feel so __________________
2. I didn't like that movie. I thought it was too __________________
3. He wasn't __________________ (satisfied/satisfying) with my response.
4. What an __________________ (embarrassed/embarrassing) situation!
5. I can't talk anymore because I'm really __________________ (tired/tiring).
6. My grandmother's ankles were __________________ (swelled/swollen) from walking
7. Most of the fans were __________________ (disappointing/disappointed) with the
8. This is ________________ (excited/exciting) news!
9. His explanation wasn't very __________________ (convinced/convincing).
10. The woman worked for 15 hours straight. She was __________________

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