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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Participles Used As Adjectives Nº1

Choose the correct word:

1. The movie was really __________________ ( interested/interesting)!
2. I thought it was a good lecture, but I wasn't very __________________
3. Our town is so __________________ (bored/boring)! There is nothing to do here.
4. Are you __________________ (bored/boring) with that game already?
5. Have you heard her laugh? It's so __________________ (annoyed/annoying).
6. I'm really __________________ (annoyed/annoying) with one of my coworkers.
7. The city was __________________ (damaged/damaging) during the storm.
8. The information was quite ________________ (damaged/damaging) to his
9. I was __________________ (amusing/amused) by the way she acted.
10. Do you find this type of humor __________________(amusing/amused)?

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