This house is very big

La casa es muy grande

This doesn't work

Esto no funciona

Where is she from

De donde es ella

Is it nearby

Esta cerca

I'll have a glass of water please

Un vaso de agua por favor

Where are you going

A donde vas

How long are you going to stay

Cuanto tiempo te vas a quedar

I don't have any money

No tengo dinero

Is it far from here

Esta lejos de aqui

Were there any problems

Habian algunos problemas



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Plural Form Of Nouns Nº1

Fill in each blank space with the correct plural form of the noun. Example: car--> cars):

1. fish - PLURAL: _______________
2. child - PLURAL: _______________
3. toothbrush - PLURAL: _______________
4. woman - PLURAL: _______________
5. man - PLURAL: _______________
6. toy - PLURAL: _______________
7. exercise - PLURAL: _______________
8. fly - PLURAL: _______________
9. foot - PLURAL: _______________
10. furniture - PLURAL: _______________

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