I'd like some water too, please

Queria un poco de agua tambien, por favor

I've been there

He estado aqui

I'd like to buy something

Me gustaria comprar algo

How's the weather

Como esta el tiempo

What time does the movie start

A que hora empieza la pelicula

Is anyone else coming

Viene alguien mas

How many people do you have in your family

Cuantas personas hay en tu familia

How much money do you make

Cuanto dinero ganas

I have a headache

Tengo un dolor de cabeza

What are you doing

Que estas haciendo



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Why, When, Where ( Relative Adverbs )

Complete each relative clause with why, when, or where:

1. Do you know the reason __________________ she is so upset?
2. The day __________________ you saw me I was feeling sick.
3. The library is a place __________________you can borrow books.
4. That is the house __________________ we used to live.
5. This is the reason__________________ I never call her.
6. The place __________________ we went yesterday is just around the corner.
7. They never told us the reason __________________ they moved away.
8. The school __________________ I study English is not far from your house.
9. Was that the time __________________ you guys went to France together?
10. That is the drawer __________________ I keep my t-shirts.

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