Can you recommend a good restaurant

Puedes recomendar un buen restaurante

Is John here

Esta John aqui

I'm sorry, we're sold out

Perdoname, pero no hay mas/hemos vendido todo

I want to give you a gift

Te quiero dar un regalo

I feel good

Me siento bien

She's an expert

Es un experta

Where's the pharmacy

Donde esta la farmacia

How tall are you

Como eres de alto

Please count this for me

Cuenta esto para mi por favor

There's a restaurant over there, but I don't think it's very good

Hay un restaurante alli, pero no creo que es muy bueno



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Who, Whom, Whose

Fill in each blank space with who, whom or whose.

1. Could you please tell me ________ that was?
2. The men, two of ________ were drunk, walked very slowly.
3. The guy ________ computer I was using moved to Spain.
4. I know ________ did it.
5. She didn’t know when the book was written, or by ________.
6. I didn't know ________ book that was.
7. I don't know ________ gave you that information, but it's inaccurate.
8. The police expert was able to determine ________ fingerprints were on
9. These are some of the people ________ have helped me in the past.
10. I have no idea ________ left the lights on all night.

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