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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Who, Whom, Whose

Fill in each blank space with who, whom or whose.

1. Could you please tell me ________ that was?
2. The men, two of ________ were drunk, walked very slowly.
3. The guy ________ computer I was using moved to Spain.
4. I know ________ did it.
5. She didnt know when the book was written, or by ________.
6. I didn't know ________ book that was.
7. I don't know ________ gave you that information, but it's inaccurate.
8. The police expert was able to determine ________ fingerprints were on
9. These are some of the people ________ have helped me in the past.
10. I have no idea ________ left the lights on all night.

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