How much money do you have

Cuanto dinero tienes

I'm an American

Soy un Americano

Do you have a boyfriend

Tienes un novio

Be careful

Ten cuidado

A long time ago

Hace mucho tiempo

Can I have the bill please

Me puedes dar la cuenta por favor

When did this happen

Cuando paso' esto

How much does it cost per day

Cuanto cuesta cada dia

Please take off your shoes

Quitate los zapatos por favor

Amy is John's girlfriend

Amy es la novia de John



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Adjectives: Relative Adjectives (who, That)

Complete each relative clause with who or that. If both who or that can be used, write "who or that"

1. That's the man __________________ stole my purse!
2. That's the jacket __________________ I want to buy.
3. That's the girl __________________ won the race.
4. The students __________________ do well on the exam will be allowed to leave early.
5. We saw the cat __________________ lives in the house next door.
6. The airport__________________ is being built will be the largest in the country.
7. The woman __________________sang that song is very beautiful.
8. People __________________use this site will learn English very quickly.
9. The computer __________________ I want to buy costs $1,000.
10. The dinner __________________ your mother prepared was delicious.

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