11 days ago

Hace once dias

I need some tissues

Necesito unos panuelos

Tell him that I need to talk to him

Dile que tengo que hablar con el

Does it often snow in the winter in Massachusetts

Nieva mucho en el invierno en Massachusetts

That's too bad

Que lastima

Do you have any coffee

Tienes café

Are you going to attend their wedding

Vas a asistir a su boda

No, this is the first time

No, este es la primera vez

I need another key

Necesito otra llave

I don't want it

No lo quiero



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa


For each sentence, change the adjective in parentheses into an adverb.

1. The ballerina moved around very _________ (graceful).
2. Michael _________ (easy) won the first race.
3. I don't know _________ (exact) how much money he makes.
4. I _________ (honest) don't know what John told his sister.
5. The singer of the band sang very _________ (bad) during the concert.
6. My friend Tom always speaks very _________ (loud).
7. You speak English very _________ (good).
8. These days I am so busy at work that I _________ (rare) have time to go
9. Sometimes I like to spend the day just lying in bed _________ (lazy).
10. The police officer made sure that she got home _________ (safe).

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