Let's go have a look

Vamos a ver

Do you have a swimming pool

Tienes una piscina

I came with my family

Vine con mi familia

Do you speak English

Hablas ingles

This room is a mess

Este cuarto esta desordenado/hecho un lio

Where did you learn English

Donde aprendiste ingles

I'll tell him you called

Le dire' que has llamado

That's too many

Eso es demasiado

This house is very big

La casa es muy grande

Which is the best

Cual es el mejor



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Personal Prounouns Nº2

Replace the bold word(s) with the correct pronoun (I, you, we, they, it, she, or he):

1. My uncle lives in Mexico City. ___________ lives in Mexico City.
2. My friends aren't coming. ___________aren't coming.
3. Mrs. Wong is studying English. ___________ is studying English.
4. You and I have to talk about the test. ___________ have to talk about the
5. Can you help me? Yes, ___________ can help you.
6. The tree is going to fall. ___________ is going to fall.
7. John and his girlfriend had an argument. ___________ had an argument.
8. Jim and I are the same age. ___________are the same age.
9. My passport is in my bag. ___________ is in my bag.
10. My cousin George just graduated from high school. ___________ just

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