Is there air conditioning in the room

Hay aire acondicionado en el cuarto

Do you have anything cheaper

Tienes algo mas barato

I think it tastes good

Creo que sabe bien

Is it far from here

Esta lejos de aqui

Just a little

Solo un poco

It's far from here

Esta lejos aqui

Do you think it's going to rain tomorrow

Piensas que va a llover manana

What's the exchange rate

Cual es la tasa de cambio

Would you like to watch TV

Querrias ver la television

How long have you worked here

Cuanto tiempo has trabajado aqui



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Phrasal Verbs Nº2

Fill in the proper preposition for each phrasal verb:

1. It's not polite to come ___________ ( = enter) without knocking.
2. I told her a joke to cheer her ___________. (= to make her happier).
3. Please write ___________ your email address.
4. You can count ___________ me.
5. I look ___________ to seeing you soon.
6. Don't hang ___________ the phone.
7. I woke ___________ at 7.
8. We have to get ___________ at the next stop.
9. The frog turned ___________ ( = became) a prince.
10. I'm sorry it didn't work ___________ . (= it wasn't successful)

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