I'd like a table near the window

Me gustaria una mesa cerca de la ventana

I still have a lot of things to buy

Todavia tengo muchas cosas que comprar



Is John there please

Esta John por favor

Do you have another one

Tienes otro

What time did you go to sleep

A que hora te fuiste a dormir

Come here

Ven aqui

How do you spell the word Seattle

Como se escribe la palabra Seattle

Can you translate this for me

Puedes traducir esto para mi

He broke the window

Ha roto una ventana



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Phrasal Verbs Nº1

Fill in the proper preposition for each phrasal verb:

1. You gained some weight = You put ______ a few pounds.
2. Don't tell anyone about it = Keep it ______ yourself.
3. Have you been in contact with Sarah? = Have you heard ______ Sarah?
4. I've been spending time with her = I've been hanging ______ with her.
5. Please take care of my little sister = Please look ______ my little sister.
6. He disappointed me = He let me ______.
7. You can trust me = You can count ______ me.
8. We often eat in restaurants = We often eat ______.
9. I can't understand why you would say that = I can't figure ______ why
10. He is planning something = He is up ______ something.

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