I'm happy

Estoy feliz

I forget

No me acuerdo

Can you call me back later

Puedes llamarme mas tarde

Who taught you

Quien te enseno'

You're right

Tienes razon

Have you finished studying

Has terminado de estudiar

Where did you learn it

Donde lo aprendiste

When did this happen

Cuando paso' esto

What's your favorite movie

Cual es tu pelicula favorita

I know

Lo se



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Ejercicios Gramática Inglesa

Participles Used As Adjectives Nº1

Choose the correct word:

1. The movie was really __________________ ( interested/interesting)!
2. I thought it was a good lecture, but I wasn't very __________________
3. Our town is so __________________ (bored/boring)! There is nothing to do here.
4. Are you __________________ (bored/boring) with that game already?
5. Have you heard her laugh? It's so __________________ (annoyed/annoying).
6. I'm really __________________ (annoyed/annoying) with one of my coworkers.
7. The city was __________________ (damaged/damaging) during the storm.
8. The information was quite ________________ (damaged/damaging) to his
9. I was __________________ (amusing/amused) by the way she acted.
10. Do you find this type of humor __________________(amusing/amused)?

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