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The Most Common English Phrases

Phrase Translate
I don't speak very well No hablo muy bien
Where did you go A donde fuiste
Where do you want to go A donde quieres ir
Where would you like to go A donde quierrias ir
Where are you going A donde vas
Where are you going to go A donde vas a ir
At 5th street A la calle quinta
On the right A la derecha
On the left A la izquierda
At 7 o'clock in the morning A las siete de la manana
At 7 o'clock at night A las siete de la tarde/noch
At 3 o'clock in the afternoon A las tres de la tarde
At 3 o'clock A las tres en punta
Maybe A lo mejor
Which school does he go to A que colegio va
What school did you go to A que escuela fuiste
At what time A que hora
What time are you going to the bus station A que hora vas a ir a la estacion de autobuses
What time does the store open A que hora abre la tienda
What time do you think you'll arrive A que hora crees que vas a llegar

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